Bitcoin trading with Bitcoin Era

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of crypto currencies, there are numerous possibilities. Since the Bitcoin price broke all records at the end of 2017, more and more investors have decided to try their luck trading the popular coins. Experience shows, however, that even the prices of crypto currencies do not constantly skyrocket. The prices of almost all coins collapsed to varying degrees in 2018.

This may suggest that Bitcoin trading also requires some know-how. It is important to be able to assess how certain prices will develop and what risks exist in each case. So how easy would it be to let these decisions be taken? Providers of cryptorobots promise exactly that.

A cryptorobot is nothing more than automated software that follows programmed algorithms. Trading decisions are made automatically by this software and therefore do not require too much knowledge of the market on the part of the investor.

Furthermore, these robots should be able to trade day and night, which in turn limits the investor’s workload. Meanwhile there is an abundance at offerers of such Kryptorobots.

One of these platforms is Bitcoin Era. In order to see whether Bitcoin Era is serious or rather questionable, we have taken a closer look at this provider. Our Bitcoin Era test should show what to think of this cryptorobot.

Is Bitcoin Era serious? – the website

If you land on the Bitcoin Era website, attracted by advertising, the first sentence you probably read is: „Bitcoin is making people rich! It is supposed to suggest that the Bitcoin can also help the interested visitor of the homepage to wealth. A video, which was placed in the middle of the homepage, tells you exactly how this happens.

The Bitcoin Era App has a simple design and is light blue. Logos of different recognized security companies are supposed to convey that Bitcoin Era is a serious company.

If you scroll down the page a bit, you will see testimonials from alleged members. Some of them claim to have made five-digit profits. A little further down there is a box with the inscription „Live Trading“. Here beside names certain amounts are listed, which users allegedly in this moment just want to have gained.

It can be stated that the interested visitor of the Bitcoin Era App should be mediated that he can count himself with a membership at Bitcoin Era also soon to such a lucky winner. The only way to find out if such promises are kept is to create a Bitcoin Era account. We have done the Bitcoin Era test.